TED & Joe in the Morning: Robots - Virtual

9:30 AM - 10:30 AM

Event Details

Join SBPL for learning and conversations on almost absolutely anything! TED & Joe in the morning is a series to bring the community together, engage in thinking, and conversing, and help us all stay connected. 

TED & Joe is scheduled the 2nd and 4th Fridays of the month. Each session will be a different topic for which 2-4 TED Talks will be shared for participants to view beforehand. The group will then get together on the scheduled day to discuss and share with each other.

Registration required. 
While supplies last, registrants can pick up a FREE SBPL coffee mug!

This meeting we will be watching and discussing videos related to Robots.

Robots Videos:
A robot that eats pollution with Jonathan Rossiter
What's it like to be a robot? with social scientist Leila Takayama

Future Viewing & Discussions:
5/14 - Expanding Representation in Literature and Film - Benefits for Everyone
5/28 - Putting Out the Dumpster Fire - Solving Online Toxicity

Event Type(s): Library Program
Age Group(s): Adults
Jen Lemberger
(805) 564-5621